Thursday, October 09, 2003

Bike ride

Yesterday I was cruising around Frisco on my mountain bike. Checked the lake -- was remarkably full; it was a mud flat when I left. Got frustrated by the post office, which seems determined to not give me a po box without the presence of my perpetually absent landlord. Pfft, probably in an effort to stem domestic terrorism. But, I ended up on a little dirt trail by my house. I followed it a little ways, then came back, saying that maybe I'd see where that goes tomorrow. So, since today was tomorrow, I packed some water and food this morning and struck out on that little trail.

It was very beautiful. A few miles in, there was a lake, and then the trail continued along a creek. There were many dams and chewed aspen trees, but I couldn't find the beaver. Many squirrels and chipmunks though. Chipmunks are really cute, they make this repeating chirp, that is even funnier when the mocking birds mimic it. After that, the trail went through several varieties of forest, still climbing into the mountains. I crossed many streams, over wood bridges -- too many to count. This ended up being possibly the best mountain biking trail I've been on, it had everything. I took a lot of pictures and put them up here:

bike ride photo journal

Now, twenty or thirty miles later, I be ded. Can't even think in complete sentences. Was fun. Tomorrow, I think maybe I'll sleep a lot.

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