Sunday, October 05, 2003


About fifty people showed up last night to Phil's party. I kept being surprised when people would walk by, that I'd not only know them, but know them pretty well. I'd say hello, and then, later, we'd talk for awhile. I guess I'm just surprised that I have so many friends, and that they're so cool. I spend most of my time alone, either out surfing, snowboarding, or hidden away in a house working on physics or dorking around on the computer -- so it was a wonderful, but sad in a way, experience to be immersed in an environment with people I have known and am good friends with. Wonderful for the obvious reason, and sad because I'm taking off to go be a hermit again. So why don't I stay? I think it's because I don't see that much more of people when I'm here than when I only visit occasionally. I have structured my life, and been really lucky, so that I have a LOT of time to play. And often when I think about hanging out with friends, I think that they're busy at work or school during the day, and so not available. So I pick up my ball and shuffle off to play on my own. And if I'm going to be alone, I want to be somewhere really beautiful, like Maui or Colorado.

But after being alone for so long it is really wonderful to be with friends. Especially ones I like so much and really click with. I appreciate it more. And I probably make a better friend as a result.

Anyway, I gotta go eat, and pack; and then, tomorrow, I drive. I'm going to try to get friends to come have fun in my big Colorado house this year, maybe mid December.

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