Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Electroweak glue?

(Warning: just physics here.) I've been playing around with this new formalism I cooked up to describe spinors and Kaluza-Klein theory and something very odd is popping out of it. It has been driving me nuts that there is a discrepancy between the number of extra dimensions (four plus the four of spacetime) needed to describe all the fermion multiplets and the minimum number of extra dimensions (seven plus four) needed to produce all twelve gauge fields. However, a calculation I just did today raises the possibility that there might only be eight gauge fields after all--which would come quite nicely from four extra dimensions--and that four of those gauge fields may be doing double duty as both gluons and electroweak gauge fields. So that would mean, essentially, that weak bosons and photons are actually free gluons. This could be a big deal. I have a lot more work to do on this, and it may be malarky, but I thought it worth a mention.

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