Monday, November 04, 2002

New digs

I just moved into my new home in Frisco. Here's the living room:

the kitchen and dining room:

entertainment room:

and a shot from where I'm sitting:

Oh yah, I forgot a shot of the hot tub (102F) :

There are some hills out past the hot tub called the Rockies. The lifts of Copper and Breckenridge are both about fifteen minutes away.

I went for the first snowboarding runs of the season this morning. Ow! It's going to take a few weeks before my body gets used to the punishment. But the hot tub does help a bit--I'll manage OK, don't feel too sorry for me.

I'm ostensibly renting a room here, but the owner and family just use it as a ski pad for some weekends, so it's usually just me knocking around here. Kind of lonely actually.

Come visit!

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