Monday, September 25, 2000

Round and round

Seems like my physics work is going in circles these days. I suppose the circular form has a certain aesthetic appeal, but it's not particularly satisfying in terms of progress. The past two days I've been banging my head against this veritable wall of mathematical expressions that is generalized Kaluza-Klein theory. It seems I have the hubris to think I can keep all the terms and mold them to my will, but they laugh at me -- and it's not a rich belly laugh that comes from an obstinate term or two, no, this is the cacophonous giggle of eighty little critters swirling around each page. And I make mistakes so often and have to track them down -- it takes forever.

But I suppose if I step back and look at the progress of months, things are coming along OK: spinors and Dirac operators worked out naturally (except I still don't see how anti-commutation is going to happen), I know a heck of a lot more about group theory and coset spaces, and the quantum operator formulation I worked out looks to have a lot of potential. But now I'm back mucking with the gauge fields and it's painful -- each little step seems to take forever to work out.

Oh well, at least I work with the satisfaction that no one else anywhere has the slightest idea what I'm up to! Ah, the reclusive life of the mad scientist...

And, of course, even if this whole effort is nothing but a big mathematically obtuse wank, well, there's going to be ten foot waves breaking on the north shore in about 36 hours.

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