Monday, July 10, 2000


A brief rain squall passes by as I sit on the roof and enjoy my cereal. The rain is beautiful as it sheets down onto the jungle. A slanted, moving reference frame receding into the distance. A wet lizard runs along a palm tree. I'm leaving this place soon. Moving up into the clouds.

I watched the movie "Romance" last night. I've been wanting to see it since it came out a year ago -- remember it was exactly a year ago because I recommended it to my x-girlfriend when we broke up. She went and saw it -- thought it was the best movie she had ever seen -- but forgot that I had ever recommended it to her. Heh.

Anyway, it finally came out on video. However, it was bleedingly obvious that huge parts had been cut out for the American version, which pisses me off. But most of the ideas, if not as much impact, came through. It is certainly the best portrayal of the inner life of an INFP that there is. I learned volumes about what life is like for such a person, and was able to see, intellectually of course, how emotionally primitive I am by comparison. My emotions simply lack complexity, subtlety, and depth. I am as uninteresting emotionally as a moron is to me intellectually. Heh. My only chance with an INFP female would be if she were also a minimalist. But, as was explicit in the film, people have little choice over the bonds that their hearts make. So a loving relationship could happen, but it would likely not be emotionally rich for the girl -- no more than a relationship with a dog.

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