Monday, July 03, 2000

School's out

The school is pau.  Looks like all the hell my girlfiend went through was
nothing but the last acts of a dying animal clawing at it's own flesh.  A
government weenie took issue with the sign on the highway for the
fundraising party, and now he's jumping up and down and screaming about
fines and permits and zoning and the impossibility of running a school on
agriculturally zoned land.  Faced with the challenge of bribery and/or
struggling to get a special use permit, the school assembly meeting, in a
brilliant moment of clarity and shortsightedness, decided to roll over,
close the school, and look for a new location for fall.  Heh, good luck,
I've been looking at the rental market.

To try to make some dough, one school person, L, is going to pursue the
ethically questionable strategy of buying this property from the owner at
the price set a year ago in the escrow agreement and try to resell it at a
profit, finding a buyer before escrow even closes if possible.  In the
mean time, L and her family are moving into the main building of what was
the school.  Hope she likes rats.

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