Wednesday, June 28, 2000


Surfed Maalaea today -- only waist high, but nice fast barrels if you can
squeeze down into them.

I got back home at 8pm and was greeted by an extraordinarily ugly cat
lounging on my front porch.  It was licking itself and peering at me with
that supremely catlike self-security.  It's not that I don't like cats,
but rather that, well, I just don't like cats.  They're kind of cuddly
sometimes though.  And amusing when they fuck up and pretend that nothing

There was a note on the door from my girlfriend saying she had gone out to
dinner.  I looked into the fridge and noticed that a hunk of the fresh ahi
was missing.  Hmmmm, nah, she wouldn't have.

The cat won't leave.

Things aren't looking too rosy for the school.  Looks like the last day
will be July 11, and it's uncertain if people will be creative enough to
figure out how to generate the money for rent until fall.  I think a rave
or two, and maybe some cock fights, and the school would be rolling in
dough, and perhaps some more colorful staff members.

Meanwhile, I'm looking for a two bedroom rental upcountry.  Exploring my
options, juggling other peoples' concerns.  Maybe a few months in
California would burn off the fat that's migrated from my stomach to my

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