Friday, March 10, 2000




I thought I had spinors tidied away, but they keep messing with me.  There are a lot of options,
but they all seem to run into problems.  :(  And none of them seem consistent with both gauge
limiting general relativity, encapsulating the degrees of freedom of the fermions, and providing
the right group/phase structure to be consistent with Kaluza-Klein theory and the gauge
interactions.  I need one of those "aha!" moments that seemed to come more often, but it's not
forthcoming.  Time to go bury my head in the arms of mother ocean.

Oh yeah, and there is a wonderful girl here, for the last month or so, distracting me.  One of
my first memories of her is when she fell out of the sky above me.  (A lot like that pen.)  I
was under the waterfall when she jumped.  Cute.  Distracting.

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