Saturday, November 13, 1999


I am learning new and interesting Hawaiian words.  Today's word is "pau," which means "broken"
-- and excellently encapsulates the experience I had yesterday afternoon as I was hurled
forcibly through my sail.  There was a kickin strong wind, gusts to 30, and I figured it would
be fun to head over to the leeward side of the island and scream along just off the beach in
the offshore wind.  Which I did.  However, I vastly overestimated my capability to learn how
to control the board at speed in gusty conditions.  Thus, "Pau!"  Had some good fun though,
and I'm OK, but my sail now has a Garrett sized hole in it.

I found a gecko egg mixed in with my clothes -- I made a nest and am
waiting for it to hatch.

A guava nearly smacked me in the head as I was eating my papaya
by the stream this morning.

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