A. Garrett Lisi

Water Snow Asphalt Sky
old surf stories
The Mauitian Chronicles
a physicist moves to Maui
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The New Yorker
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Through the Wormhole
a ten minute video
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E8 in glass
by Bathsheba, with a laser

Curriculum Vitae
like a resume, only longer
E8 Theory paper
An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything
Scientific American
A Geometric Theory of Everything
TED talk
The Beauty of Particle Physics
Elementary Particle Explorer
an interactive web application
Deferential Geometry
a personal wiki math notebook
E8 Theory
Wikipedia's description
E8 Theory poster
hanging everywhere
TEDxMaui 2013 talk
what the Higgs is

Science Hostel
a more casual kind of institute
Pacific Science Institute
the archetypal science hostel
a private mailing list for rational adventurers
Hike the Geek
rational adventurers go on walks
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