European IQ Test

This is a version of the European IQ test that's been floating around the web for years in various forms. It's supposed to be most accurate in the 140 to 160 range (Cattell scale - stdev 24). [But is it really accurate?]

You have 20 minutes to take the test. A countdown timer should display in the status bar of your browser. This page has a similar elapsed-time counter, so take the time to locate it now (it should say "Time Elapsed" followed by a minutes and seconds counter).

Also, just for my own statistics:

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(Please do not click No unless this is really the first time you are taking this and you are taking it genuinely.)

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TIP: Because the questions within each section get progressively more difficult, you might want to skip to the next section if the questions in the current section start taking too long, and then come back to finish them later if you have enough time left. There are 33 questions in total.