SALE OVER (mostly)

It's all gone, except a few items
at the top. The rest I've just left
here for my own historical amusement.

So, here's the story. I'm selling everything I own, because I'm selling my house and not buying a new one and have no desire to rent storage for stuff I'm not using.

You can contact me at: :)

Everything here is located in the Carlsbad/Vista area, convenient to the 78, except for the truck which I will be selling in the San Fransisco bay area or Tahoe, unless you can give me a ride to the bay area from here. :)

I haven't had a chance to put prices on most of these things yet, and may never. Make me an offer, and if it's good enough, the item is yours (pending your final approval on personal inspection of course), and if it's too low, I might contact you later if someone doesn't offer more before my time runs out (and I don't know how long I have, until my house sells), and if it's way too low, I'll just ignore you and give the thing away to friends. I have little patience for bartering, so if you low-ball me you're probably just wasting your time. On the other hand, everything here is a good deal--even in-the-box-new things are half the price I paid for them (some fairly recently), and even much of my "used" stuff (e.g., VHS movies) is in far far better shape than the same item sold used at a store for 3x the price...

Point is, this is not a garage sale where I'm getting rid of stuff that's on its last legs -- most of the stuff here has years of life left. Please take that into account. :) That said, it does all need to go. And feel free to ask about anything in the photos which I don't explicitly mention. It's allllll going.

Tascam 4-track recorder: ?
[Update, 2005: WARNING: last I tried it I vaguely recall there was
something that wasn't working -- perhaps rewind? Anyway, I am traveling
at the moment so can't run it through the paces to see exaclty
what's working and what's not, so consider this temporarily off
the market until I return. Unfortunately, I don't know when that
will be -- maybe May 2005?]
PD 190 parachute, Racer harness (both about 150 jumps),
Raven square reserve (never deployed): $600

Items Not In Photos: Giant (20'x1') PVC tube with locking end-cap (was outdoor storage for hang glider): ?
Hang glider, good sail, pretty!, but needs rib repairs: ?
Playboy magazine, incomplete set from mid 60's to early 80's(?),
approx 5 permapak-sized boxes full, varied condition: $100
Toyota truck, chopped-top (convertable!), '87, ~120K miles: ?
Realistic Pro-2006 programmable scanner, like new: $280 obo (ref1 ref2 ref3)
Lexicon LXP-1 reverb/effects unit (essentially new, in box): $100
Maytag washer, 12 years old, 3-temp wash, cold rinse, excellent condition (model A105): ?
Maytag (gas) "4 cycle auto dry dryer D-1", 4 years old, excellent condition (model MDG9206AWW): ?
Both are clean and work flawlessly. I'm the original owner (yeah, even the 12 year old washer!).
Sealy Posturepedic "Mira Loma" queen mattress and boxspring, 3yo, always covered, xlnt shape: $250
Rotel grain mill, excellent condition: $80?
(Looks to be the Family Grain Mill by another name,
though I am only guessing so I can't promise the attachments
are compatible.)
side cabinets (holding up desktop) x3: $45
(all have a shelf; two have doors)
GONE Linux Penguin: ?
GONE Huge desktop: ?
GONE 3-drawer plastic storage thingy: ?
GONE "details" keyboard tray, excellent condition (except
wrist-rest needs fixin). Clean design, huge vertical throw: $75
GONE Paper cutter: ?
turntable: ?
Vivitar carousel slide projector, xlnt condtion, very low hours: $50
GONE boogie boards: ?
GONE wanderer glider: ?

Advent AV370 computer speakers w/subwoofer: $50
"Built-in amplifier gives the left
and right speakers 20 Watts of audio power
while the companion subwoofer puts
out 30 Watts. Speakers measure 7" x 5" x 6"
and subwoofer is 7" x 14" x 13"."
List price was ~$230..$250
Mine are in good shape (the dust comes off :), except sometimes the
connections are intermittent/scratchy if you're bumping them around.
(But if you set it up and leave it alone, no problems.)
space heater: $18
tri-fold foam futon: $5
GONE twin cotton futon and frame: $55
(mostly just plates and a few pans left at this point.)
environcare air filter: ?
wood mask (articulated jaw): ?
wood steak plates: ?
wood cutting board: ?
wood lazy suzan (one separation crack): ?
GONE industrial strength vegitable juicer: ?
GONE glass mugs (set of 4 or more): ?
GONE various other glass and ceramic mugs, tea cups, etc...: ?

GONE small round wood table/table cloth: $10
chairs: ?
plates: ?
Sharp microwave: ?
(This has the great feature that you
can disable the beep!)
shop vac: ?
various: ?

(Items below here sold before I left)
Vew-Do Indy balance board: $70
green ball!: ?
Fireplace tools: $2
Martin Backpack Guitar, like new, w/case: $100 (firm)
Large (43" x 65") California Map, Laminated, Raven in original shipping tube, perfect cond: $30
Hitatchi bread machine, excellent condition: $20
spice rack: $1
The Great Chili Poster: $5
Casio WK-1500 midi keyboard: $150
solid wood bench, hinged bottom w/storage, like new: $50
chair and ottoman: $70
Sentry Advanced Electronic Office/Business Safe, 7 months old: $250
26"(?) TV, old but super low hours: ?
Old but decent JVC(?) speakers (x2): ?
Old but old tube amplifier (I still use it, but no idea what features still work): ?
Sony 5-CD changer, excellent condition though one tray very occasionally fails to start: ?
Toshiba VCR, 4 head, on-screen programable: $50
Michael Parks poster and/or glass & frame: ?
Bookshelf, excellent condition: $40
Plastic magazine holders x11 (6 black, 5 grey), excellent condition: $8
Korg DSS-1, perfect condition, w/manual, many disks: $280
(See also this DSS-1 link)
Keyboard stand: ?
Various: make offers
(I'm keeping the Juicit!)
TV tray: ?
surf boards: $10/ea
(still work great, but probably not for long!)
trash can, new in box: $15
locking (top drawer) wood filing cabinet: ?
315watt UPS: ?

Silk pop-top hat, size 7 1/8, perfect condition: $60
huge mirror (~ 6'x3.5'): you haul it, it's yours.
excalibur dehydrator 2400: $55
Candle holders: $1 right pair, $3 left pair
blender: ?
juicer (carrot, etc.): $10
ice cream maker: $10
deep fryer: ?
pasta maker: $10
spice/coffee grinder (used only for spices so far): ?
rice cooker: ?
mixer: ?
Ikea queen-sized loft bed, desk, and shelves: $300

Chairs: ?
GONE Table (w/additional leaf): $75
7-1/4", 12-amp worm-drive Skilsaw, model 77, strong, no whine: $80
keg, 15.5 gal, Lucky Lager Brewing Co., [firestone made]: ?
office chair (have adjustable arms for it too): $50
harman/kardon computer speakers, like new: $10
Elburn full upright piano, all keys and pedals good,
but noisy action. Great base, rich sound: $300 (you move)

Brother profile 821 sewing machine w/cabinet: $150
(~30 years old, works great--much more durable than the
modern lightweights; no troubles with heavy denim, canvas, etc..)
hand drum, excellent condition: $50
rabit pelt: ?
200 mhz Linux box, no sound card or keyboard: make offer
Specialized Stumpjumper mountain bike: $450
McCulloch MAC 3200 32cc 14" Chainsaw, used two or three times,
excellent condition (properly oiled and stored), sharp blades: $60

collapsable cooler: ?
(Reserved) Fireplace screen: $10
Lamp, fair condition: $2
Fire extinguishers, unused, full charge: ?
Hat/coat rack, unfinished: ?
coffee and side tables: $45 for the pair
Black leather european-scale sofas: $800 for pair
Eureka 4485 Cyclonic Vacuum: $40
(Great shape, but probably time for new filters [HEPA, etc..])
small round wood table/table cloth: $10
thick round glass table top (some minor scratches): $5
chairs: ?
Firepower Portable Oxy-Acetylene Torch Tote Kit, xlnt cond., full tanks: $200
Peltor aviation headset 7004, xlnt condition, low hours: $140
Dualit 4-slice toaster: $75
Unicycles, 4.5' and 6.5': make offer (together or separately)
scooters (x3): ?
Gorilla Racks x6(?): $30 ea
various parts/storage bins (soon to be empty): ?
humidifier: ?

various VHS movies, most played only once or twice: $2.50 ea
(James Bond series in back.)
VHS blanks x5, in original shrink wrap: $5 for all
Beach/patio umbrella (x2): ?
desktop, excellent condition: make offer (see companion below)
3-drawer cabinets x2, excellent condition: make offer
4-high filing cabinet, 27" deep, granite paint, excellent condition: $45
cork board, 3'x2': $15
Quartz/rock bookends: ??
Betsy Ross flag, polyester, 3'x5': $5
POSTER of An Introduction to Error Analysis (poster has white background): $4
drafting table: $30
drafting chair (corner of seat is broken [droopy]): $10
plastic floor mat (x2): $2 ea
storage rack: $25
hoberman sphere: $10
wood toy thing: ?
instant tunnel: ?
giant stuffed dog: ?
dual-tape player/dubber: ?
Scuba Pro Jet Fins: $20
(Straps probably need replacing soon, but fins are still in good shape.
The fins are stampe "WEDIUW" which is either some strangely dislexic
version of MEDIUM, or perhaps means women's medium, if they make
such a distinction? These fins are auctioning on ebay for $35 and up.)
breadbox: ?
misc body parts (my feet not included!): ?
Axe, sledge hammer: ?
Bookshelf, excellent condition: $50
ladder, quad-folding, latching: ?
drills, saws, timing light (all work great): ?
various: ?
toilet brush: just kidding!
tortilla warmer: ?
microwave turntable: ?
rolling pin: ?
apple corer/peeler/slicer: $12